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The Perfect V/O Session: 10 Steps to Achieving Voiceover Nirvana

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

As someone who has directed thousands of voiceover sessions, I have refined a process that ensures excellence in every recording. This experience has allowed me to polish my technique to a fine finish, creating a path to voiceover nirvana. Here’s a look at the 10 steps that I follow:

1. Meet and Greet: Start by getting to know the talent. Understand who they are and how they naturally sound in a conversation. This initial interaction sets the tone for the session.

2. Character Creation: Even for an announcer read, creating a character is crucial. This step involves understanding who the audience is and tailoring the voice to match.

3. First Takes: Allow the talent to become familiar with the script by doing several first takes without any feedback. This helps them get comfortable with the words.

4. In-Depth Copy Discussion: Go over the script in detail. Discuss key elements like the opening line, the interest points, the benefits, and the call to action.

5. Second Take with Feedback: After a second take, stop to revisit the direction. This is the time to drill down and refine the delivery.

6. Detailed Take: Do another take, followed by a detailed discussion focusing on specific lines, breath control, and pacing.

7. Series of Takes: Roll several takes without any comments, allowing the talent to experiment and find their rhythm.

8. Single Line Takes: Focus on delivering single lines, including some where you demonstrate the desired reading.

9. Wild Pickup Lines: This is where creativity comes in. Do wild pickup lines and improvisations in an ABC series of takes, offering variety.

10. Full Read: Finally, do a complete read from top to bottom, capturing the essence of the entire script.

By following these steps, you can ensure that each voiceover session is productive, effective, and leads to a polished, professional end result.

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