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The power of love over fear: Acknowledging the creative spark within everyone.

A woman walks through shadows into light
Shadows Into Light

In the realm of creativity, this journey of ours holds a profound meaning.

There's no way to see each day for what it is, but it is possible to expand each day so it becomes the best possible day.

Count the minutes, feel the sun, dance to the gentle lead of a breeze. The little things around you. Take note of shadows in your day, and the glimmers of light.

For actors, it's the art of delving into characters that inhabit both shadow and light, bringing authenticity to their roles.

Musicians often traverse these emotional landscapes, crafting melodies that resonate with the soul's highs and lows.

Writers, through their words, explore the depths of human experience, illuminating truths that lie in both joy and sorrow.

For executives, especially those steering creative projects, it's about recognizing and nurturing this duality in their teams. They play a crucial role in fostering environments where creativity flourishes, understanding that great art often emerges from the interplay of darkness and light.

More than ever we are seeking our humanity in all layers of our creativity and the production and distribution of our art.

The human deal.

The ethical deal.

There are many paths but all of them are paved with our intentions.

In each of these paths, love and fear are constant companions. Choosing love, in this context, making it the center of our intention, means embracing vulnerability, diving into the unknown, and trusting in the creative process. It's about remembering that at the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity for growth and expression.

Listen with your heart.

We are all creators in our own right, weaving narratives filled with glimmers and shadows.

Whether on stage, in a studio, behind a desk, or a microphone, or simply in the way we live our lives, this journey is a testament to the resilience and beauty of the human spirit. It's a reminder that in acknowledging our demons, we give power to our glimmers, illuminating the path for ourselves and others.

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Christopher McHale
Christopher McHale
Nov 29, 2023

@Patricia Neumannis such a vital part of this company. Creatives put it all out there and creatives need support. Balance leads to deeper results. A key part of STUDIO JIJIJI is no crunch time. I hate it. There can be times when you need to burn, but my experience is most crunch times come from poor planning, weak leadership.😑

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