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Studio B at Irving Place Studios
Christopher McHale's award cabinet at Irving Place Studios
Christopher McHale in his vocal booth at Irving Place Studios

Christopher McHale

Christopher McHale is an accomplished creator in the spheres of copy, music composition, voice directing, production, and sonic branding. His impact on diverse industries, including advertising, entertainment, and gaming, is a testament to his multifaceted expertise. McHale's journey, characterized by its international influences and accomplishments, underscores his distinguished career trajectory.


Early Life and Education


Born in New York City, Christopher McHale's upbringing bore the distinctive imprint of his father's diplomatic career, affording him a wandering childhood across various nations, including England, South Africa, and Australia. These formative years, enriched by multicultural exposure, profoundly informed McHale's artistic sensibilities and creative endeavors.

McHale's educational pursuits led him to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he immersed himself in the discipline of Ethnomusicology. During his academic tenure, McHale's passion for music and composition blossomed, ultimately compelling him to seek a degree at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he cultivated his craft and expanded his musical repertoire.


Career and Notable Works


Following his studies, McHale embarked on a distinguished career in music production, composition, and the art of sonic branding. His collaborations with artists and corporate giants resonated deeply within the industry, leaving an indelible mark. Some of his noteworthy endeavors include:


1. Chuggington: McHale composed the theme song and produced the soundtrack for the BBC/DISNEY Annie-nominated children's show, Chuggington, a production emanating from Ludorum, based in London.

2. Streamline Media: McHale's tenure with Streamline Media included contributions to global video game phenomena such as Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and Bio Shock.

3. Zap Mama's "Supermoon": Notably, he co-wrote the world music classic "Bandy-Bandy" with Marie Daulne and produced Zap Mama's album "Supermoon" for David Byrne's Luaka Bop label.

4. McHale Barone: His venture, McHale Barone, achieved remarkable distinction, amassing over 500 awards for its excellence in voice, copy, music, and sound design within the realm of advertising.

5. Advertising Campaigns: McHale's contributions to iconic campaigns include the creation of the Kit Kat "Gimme a Break" jingle, the production of Amtrak's "There's Something About a Train" advertisement featuring Richie Havens, and the development of Volkswagen's memorable "Fahrvergnugen" radio campaign. The company won no less than ten Mercury Awards for such clients Bud Light, Rolling Rock, St. Pauli Girl, and McDonalds.

6. Budweiser: He composed the music for Budweiser's advertisement campaigns, and won Best in Show at the AICP, earning a place in the  permanent collection of MoMa in NYC

7. T-Mobile Sonic Branding: McHale's production of T-Mobile's iconic sonic branding earned him the esteemed title of "Father of Sonic Branding" by the renowned German publication, Die Spiegel.


Entrepreneurial Ventures


McHale's entrepreneurial acumen led to the establishment of several creative enterprises throughout his career, including:


1. Irving Place Studios: In collaboration with partner Joe Barone, McHale founded Irving Place Studios in New York City, renowned for its state-of-the-art recording facilities and world-class production capabilities.

2. McHale/Barone Audio Agency: Serving as President, he founded McHale/Barone, a production company that garnered over 500 awards for its exceptional contributions in the domains of production, music, and copywriting.


3. Pirate North America: McHale assumed the role of Managing Partner at Pirate North America, a significant advertising and branding agency.

4. Streamline Media Group: Acknowledging his creative prowess, McHale was appointed as the Chief Creative Officer of Streamline Media Group, a prominent video game development entity.

5. Buddyville Creative: McHale founded and assumed the position of CEO at Buddyville Creative, a creative agency specializing in diverse media and entertainment projects.

6. STUDIO JIJIJI: As Founder and Chief Creative Officer, he conceived innovative audio-story experiences that captivated audiences with immersive narratives.

7. Song In Space: McHale's latest venture involves him as the Creator and Executive Producer of "Song In Space," a unique project that amalgamates music, storytelling, and the exploration of outer space.


Recognition and Achievements


Christopher McHale's talents and contributions have garnered him widespread acclaim and a plethora of awards throughout his career. His dedication to the art of sonic branding and composition led to his recognition as the "Father of Sonic Branding" by Die Spiegel. Under his stewardship, McHale/Barone Audio Agency accrued over 500 awards, firmly establishing itself as a paragon of excellence in the realms of production, music, and copywriting.

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