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Here’s some advice: Don’t take any.

In the kaleidoscopic circus that is the creative industry in 2024, where every Tom, Dick, and Influencer moonlights as a guru, peddling wisdom in neatly packaged Instagram stories and bite-sized TikTok philosophies, the call to "just follow your heart" isn't just a whimsical whisper from a bygone era; it's a battle cry. The digital realm is awash with voices. Listen closely, and you'll hear the cacophony of contradictory advices, echoing like unsolicited whispers from the void in your head, each promising the secret sauce to creative nirvana.

Let's talk shop, specifically the Hollywood bazaar—pitching shows. Here, everyone fancies themselves a maestro of your symphony, eager to rewrite your score. But remember, Shakespeare didn't co-write with the peanut gallery.

Your script, your rules.

Stand your ground, writers. Your story is your fortress.

You're a one-off masterpiece, a rare blend of experiences, quirks, and talents that the world hasn't seen before and won't see again.

Voiceover artists, lean in for a moment. Ever been told to "just be yourself" but in the same breath asked to channel a 17th-century pirate with a penchant for existential monologues? Here's the paradoxical pearl of wisdom: the most authentic character voices are rooted in the core of your being. Ask yourself, "What flavor of pirate am I?" and sail forth.

Let's not mince words. You're a one-off masterpiece, a rare blend of experiences, quirks, and talents that the world hasn't seen before and won't see again. That's your magic. The labyrinth of creativity isn't a race against others but a solo journey of self-discovery and mastery.

And in this odyssey of self-competition, where the only hurdles are the phantoms of doubt and comparison, your sharpest weapon might just be a cozy couch in a therapist's office. Because, in the end, understanding the person behind the art is the finest craft there is. So, amidst the chorus of shoulds and musts, maybe the best training isn't found in seminars or masterclasses, but in the quiet understanding of who you are.

In essence, navigating the creative cosmos with your heart as the compass isn't just wise; it's revolutionary. It's not about ignoring advice; it's about discerning which voice to heed—the one that resonates with the authentic you. So go ahead, chart your path with heart and humor. After all, the best stories are those lived, not just told.

Btw, I'm not saying seek no mentor or coach. Don't study. Far from it. I'm really just saying keep your center, judge advice simply as does it make sense to YOU. Find the teachers who encourage you to be who YOU are.

I've a lisp. An agent once told me it was a problem. My incredible voice teacher simply said she though it was part of my sound. I ignored the agent and had a pretty successful voice career. So will you if discover your true voice.

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