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Effective VoiceOver Direction: Maximizing Performance and Efficiency

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

5 tips for Voiceover Excellence

VoiceOver direction plays a crucial role in bringing out the best in voice talent and ensuring the success of your project. We've done thousands of session and whether you're working on a commercial, narration, or any other audio production, here are some valuable tips to consider when directing your voice talent.

1. Create a Safe Atmosphere for Your Talent:

Building a comfortable and supportive environment for your voice talent is essential. Make them feel valued and relaxed by providing clear communication, constructive feedback, and a space where they can express their creativity without fear of judgment. A safe atmosphere encourages talent to explore different approaches and deliver their best performance.

2. Prepare Your Script Ahead of Time

Before the recording session, thoroughly review and prepare your script. Consider the timing, the intended message, and any important copy points that need emphasis. Having a well-organized script not only saves time during the recording but also ensures that your voice talent understands the context and purpose of their performance.

3. Plan to Limit Your Takes

While it's tempting to record numerous takes in search of the perfect one, it's essential to be mindful of your voice talent's energy and focus. The best reads often come in takes 3 through 6. Beyond that point, fatigue can set in,focus can begin to wander, leading to diminished performance. Plan your recording sessions with this in mind to maintain the quality of the takes. Most important, too many takes will guarantee a stilted read. The copy is too practiced. Natural reads are the goal.

4. Review All Takes and Use Wild Lines

After recording multiple takes, review them carefully to select the best segments from each. Additionally, consider using "wild lines," where your talent records individual lines separately. Organize these lines in groups of three takes back to back, no direction (A, B, C) to give you more flexibility during post-production, making it easier to address any script changes or revisions.

5. Have Talent Read the Full Script Again

At the end of the recording session, ask your talent to read the full script once more. This final take can capture a more natural and cohesive performance, as the talent is now fully immersed in the script and has a better understanding of the overall narrative.

*** Pro Tip: Have Them Read the Opening Line Again:

As an extra tip, ask your talent to read the opening line of the script again during the final take. This can often produce the most natural and engaging opening read, as the talent is now fully warmed up and connected to the materia, and flows back into the beginning. Try it. I've gotten some of my best natural hook reads this way.

In conclusion, effective voiceover direction is about creating an environment where your voice talent can shine while optimizing efficiency and maintaining vocal quality. By following these guidelines, you'll be better equipped to bring out the best in your talent and achieve a successful voiceover production.

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