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Not Just Quality--the Best of the Best

Experience and chops make your work launch!

A child's rocket in space

Is the creator economy just another phrase for free content social platforms use to sell ads?

I wonder sometimes. I suck at the creator economy, but I've won over 500 awards for my work. How does that work?

I believe in talent, chops, and skills honed by practice. Not everybody can step up to a microphone and perform. Not everybody can play the piano or has ears to mix or taste to design. The democratization of creativity is fake; there's no such thing. Creativity is merit-based, and if you don't have the chops, you'll never make a dime.

I used to have a piano in my office. The person who could come in, sit down, and play their ideas for a film score got the gig. Everybody has Pro Tools, Logic, and AI. These are the basic tools every pro can use. But not everybody has chops—basic, no bullshit, sit down at the keyboard and play for me chops. Who are you going to hire?

My work is my life, and I want the best. I'm not a rich guy, but as soon as I have a dollar to spare, I hire them. I hire killer vocalists, voiceovers that make the hair on my arm stand up, mixers, and sound designers who elevate my work. Each contributor on my tracks is the best I can find. I've always worked that way.

I'm not a perfectionist. This site is filled with work that I put out there as part of my process to 'get there.' But when it comes to serious published pieces, like Song in Space, it's no holds barred as far as who I get to join me—the best of the best. No compromise. Honestly, it's easier to work that way. The pros are fast. They're in control. They get results, and most importantly, they add to the work.

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