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Expressing Gratitude: Giving Thanks to Our Subscribers and Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

THANK YOU! We are so grateful you've chosen to join us. We'll be reviewing all work and be in touch shortly.

Our company is still new, but we are determined to run STUDIO JIJIJI in new ways. That means family first! And friends! And food!

Here in America we celebrate Thanksgiving. I love it because it is a non-religious day that focuses on the simple joy of joining around a table to be together. Millions of people travel all over to get together. If you're traveling please be safe.

If I was to sum up our vision in a sentence, I'd say it's artists coming together to create their own work. The way the global media markets have evolved, it's become evident to us we need as much as possible to pay ourselves. The old ways are slipping away. But we also have new tools and lanes of distribution. Our goal is innovate and imagine. To create and thrive. And most of all to respect the artist, put the artist first.

We're building a global network of the best of the best. Voices, composers, sound designers, mixers, writers, producers, executives. We're looking to partner with distributors to get our projects out there. We start with our stories as soundtracks. We do that because it leaves creative control in our hands as long as possible, and that means we can keep artists first as long as possible.

What does all this mean? Well, honestly, we'll find out. We have to inch our way along. But I'm a thirty year veteran of this business and I've seen it when it was healthy, and I've seen it turn into an exploitive mess. We're looking for some new solutions and ideas. We're open to all sorts of ideas.

So thank you. Your work and talent is key, and it means everything to us you've shared it.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we'll be back on Monday!

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