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Story is All

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Your creative choices all have to do with what works for the story

Successful creativity is navigating decisions. It kind of all comes down to making decisions and moving forward. I've come to think of Writer's Block as a decision needs to be made and you don't want to make a decision.

In that sense, creativity becomes making a commitment and sticking with it. I always tell writers to do three drafts and then take a long break. Three drafts and send it to the editor. Keep your process moving forward.

Make your choices.



And every decision revolves around a single axis.


Anything that doesn't serve story needs to go. Only add things to make your story clearer.

If you get blocked, back up until you hit that point where the story was working and jettison everything after that. It's my experience when you do, you get forward momentum again as the story finds its new, more vital path.

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