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Innovation in Execution

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

I've done a lot of creative projects as a composer.

This is usually how it goes: Spend 8-months creating a piece, then do the soundtrack in a week.

Literally, I'd get an eisode end of day Monday, I had to score it, fix it, mix it, out the door end of day Thursday.

You build skills to make that happen, but is that a creative process? Every musician says the same: Why leave the creative asset that's intended to carry 80% of the emotional freight to a 72-hour window?

I'm a curious guy. So I wondered what would happen if we did the opposite? What if we put the soundtrack first? What if we recorded the voices and music and sound design and created an immersive mix FIRST?

That's what we mean when we say STUDIO JIJIJI is innovation in creative development.

Where is this going?

Subscribe and join us to find out. - chris

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