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Learn real world skills to help your art

I’m an excellent lighting designer. I absolutely love painting spaces with light. I’ve done hundreds of concerts, opera, even a circus.

Designing is one thing, but working as a show electrician was the real work. Hauling heavy cable, building circuits, running cues. I also became an excellent follow spot operator.

I mention this because every creative worker needs some real world skills. I believe you need to build your shows as hands on as possible. You need to only have people with you who bring skill to the work. Every penny you get needs to go into the show and the cheapest labor is yourself!

Raising funds for your work is a never-ending chore. Investment in your voice, your instruments, your technique, your technology is a lifetime commitment.

But it's the price for tbe privledhe of doing what you love.

So drive a cab, work in a bar, haul cable. Do whatever it takes to get your work out there.

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