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Illustration a top of Studio Jijiji page stating core principles

Artists First

5 Principles of Artists First
1. Empowerment

We prioritize empowering artists to express their unique voices and visions without compromise. This principle ensures that artists have the autonomy and support needed to explore their creativity freely and fearlessly.


2. Fair Compensation


Artists deserve to be fairly compensated for their work and contributions. We uphold this principle by ensuring that artists receive equitable compensation for their time, talent, and dedication, fostering a sustainable and thriving creative ecosystem.


3. Collaboration


Collaboration lies at the heart of our Artist First approach. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where artists can share ideas, support one another, and co-create transformative works that transcend individual boundaries.

4. Diversity and Inclusion 


We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our community and amplifying voices from all backgrounds and perspectives. This principle ensures that artists from diverse cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds are valued, represented, and celebrated.


5. Artistic Integrity


We uphold the highest standards of artistic integrity and ethical conduct. This principle guides our actions and decisions, ensuring that artistic expression is protected, respected, and nurtured, fostering an environment where artists feel empowered to create meaningful and impactful work.

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