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Poster for the show Song in Space

Chosen as the next Prodigy, an 11-year-old girl becomes humanity's final chance as she races to rescue the True Music from an evil robotic queen, in a high-stakes battle where failure means annihilation for all.


"Song in Space" is a sci-fi podcast designed for tweens, spread across 8 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. 


The focus?


Human music versus machine music. The timely story examine the difference between human ‘feel’ and AI ‘feel,’ the pull between them, the vital seam between the two.


The real star? 


Music itself - how it holds weight in our lives.


The tale follows Queen Faustina, a robot on a mission. 


What's she after? 


The True Music, performed by the mysterious Prodigy. 

The queen believes if she can learn the secret of the True Music, she can ‘rule them all.’


In an epic clash of technology and human soul, the queen embarks on a relentless quest to wield the enigmatic power of True Music, aiming to conquer every corner of the cosmos. But her unyielding hunt leads to tragedy, when the glitchy robot queen kills the Prodigy, a death that mutes the True Music and threatens every living being.


It is against the growing silence of the stars that we meet an 11-year girl named Song Sung, a spirited musical wunderkind from the planet Mixopia. 


Unexpectedly, Song becomes the guardian of True Music, the force that binds all things in the galaxy. 


Her mission? 


Defend the True Music, save us all.

Song creates True Music
Papa Om Mow Mow in the Dog Nose spaceship
Princess Midi in her shuttle ship
Queen Faustina in the desert outside of Mixopia
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