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Our #1 goal is to help artists explore and share new ideas in sonic artistry

At Studio Jijiji, our mission is clear: to champion creativity and support the work of our talented artists and partners through innovative production, promotion, publishing, and distribution. By joining our vibrant community of artists, you become an integral part of a team committed to upholding the principles of Artist First.


One hundred percent of our revenue is reinvested into developing our shows and compensating our participating artists. We prioritize the creative process above all else, ensuring that every contribution directly contributes to the growth and success of our collective endeavors.


In today's complex marketplace, it's essential to have control over our work and the direction of our artistic vision. By joining Studio Jijiji, you empower us to maintain that control and preserve the integrity of our creative output.


But we can't achieve our mission without your participation. Your involvement is vital to the success of our community and the realization of our shared goals. Together, we can continue to innovate, inspire, and make meaningful contributions to the world of art and entertainment.


Join us today and help make our mission possible. Together, we can create a brighter, more vibrant future for artists everywhere.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Artist First Membership Show Patron

    Every month
    Join Our STUDIO JIJIJI Team! Support our work. Help produce our award winning shows.
    • Access Academy
    • Expert Reel Review
    • Priority Casting
    • Weekly Newsletter
    • Event Discounts
  • Community Theater of the Mind

    Every month
    Become a valued member of our vibrant community of voice, music, and sound design artists.
    • Benefits of Artists First PLUS
    • Weekly Community Stand-up
    • Community Theater Revenue Participation
    • Publish to Our Site and Podcasts
    • Career Promotion
  • Voice Pro - Elevate Your Craft

    Every month
    Power Your Auditions with our experienced direction and critical feedback.
    • Full Memberships Benefits
    • PLUS 8 feedback sessions a year with a premier director
    • Pro Prep | You're not alone in your booth anymore!
    • Limited to one session per month
  • Creativity Career Consultation

    One session to change your life
    Valid for one month
    • A 60-minute session with one of our top creativity coaches
    • Gain Perspective
    • Critical Feedback
    • Unlock Your Potential
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