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jijiji community theater of the mind

Welcome to Studio Jijiji, the Community Theater of the Mind, where sonic art reigns supreme. This is your mind palace to share your voice, your music, your sound design, your sonictude. 

Join us today and embark on a journey of creative expression, where your inner beats come to life. Whether you're a seasoned sound artist or just starting to explore the world of sonic creativity, Studio Jijiji welcomes you to share your unique sonic vision with our community. 

Unleash your imagination, shape the soundscape, and let your sonic art resonate with others. Join us at Studio Jijiji and let your creativity soar.

Poster from the AMSR show 'Echoes of the Everyday'

Welcome to Echoes of the Everyday, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through hypnotic ambient art and sonicscapes.


Immerse yourself in the world around you, listening to the hidden music of everyday life: the winter across a frozen lake, the urban wail of sirens, the train ratltling the sky.

Join us at Studio Jijiji  'Community Theater of the Mind' share your own unique sensory exploration, your ambient fantasies, as we collectively tune into the secret beats of 21st Century Life. Let the mundane morph into the magical, as we celebrate the echoes of the everyday, the beauty of simple things

Poster from the show 'Short Wave Stories'

At Studio Jijiji's "Community Theater of the Mind," all stories are cherished and welcomed with open arms. Whether you're spinning tales of children's fables, diving into the depths of sci-fi imaginings, or sharing heartfelt stories from your own life, anything goes in our ethereal realm.

As you spin the dial and explore the vast expanse of our sonic landscape, who knows what treasures you'll uncover? Perhaps you'll stumble upon whimsical adventures in faraway lands, encounter otherworldly beings beyond imagination, or be moved by the profound moments of human connection.

Join our community today and let your creativity run wild. Share your stories, dreams, and musings with us, and together, we'll embark on a journey of boundless imagination.


At Studio Jijiji, the possibilities are endless, and the magic of storytelling knows no bounds.

Short Wave Stories | The Invisible Boy
studio jijiji

Short Wave Stories | The Invisible Boy

The captivating voice of Professor Pickleborough comes to us across the radio waves, as he reads to us a story called - 'The Invisible Boy.' There is a neighborhood in the Bronx, along the Harlem River, where Fordham Road crosses University Avenue, right there, by a big stone church, and up a hill, is where a boy lives. His name is Anton, and he is known throughout the neighborhood for his bright smile and his insatiable curiosity about the world around him. One day while exploring the a park near his apartment building, he came upon an old stone tower. In his imagination, the tower was an old castle and he was a knight. He rode his horse up to the tower and poked his head inside. Inside on the dirt floor was an old wooden box, shimmering with an otherworldly glow. It was certainly nothing like he’d ever seen before in the Bronx and he couldn’t resist. Anton reached out it, and touched it, and in a bright spark of white light, he suddenly realized he had become invisible! He looked at his hands but no hands! He looked at his feet, but no feet. He ran outside back to the street and looked in a shop window, but nobody was there! Well, he there and not there at the same time. How strange was this! Amazed by his new power, he began to explore the possibilities of being invisible. What fun, he thought. He walked the streets of his neighborhood, into the park, where kids played basketball but they couldn’t see him. He walked right through the game untouched. He sat on a wall and waved at all the way people walking by, they walked right by without seeing him there. He walked up to an Mrs. Plotkin pushing groceries up a steep hill and touched her shoulder, but she never felt a thing. It was then he saw a problem. He tried to help Mrs. Plotkin push the cart but he couldn’t. He saw his mama sweeping the steps outside the building, but she looked right through him. He went up to Mr. Mario the man who sold fruit form a stall on the corner to ask for help, but Mr. Mario just ignored. Like he wasn’t even there! Anton realized invisibility was both a gift, and a challenge. People ignored him. And he couldn’t help them! They couldn’t see him laugh and smile and suddenly, he felt a pang of loneliness, and he understood that being invisible also meant being isolated. Determined to reverse the spell, Anton returned to the park over the aqueduct and the stone tower in the middle. There he asked the spirit that hovered over the box to make in him visible again. And indeed, the spirit heard his words and returned Anton to the visible world. Anton walked the neighborhood with a new appreciation of the people around him. He realized being seen and heard was a precious part of human connection. From that day on, he used his experience to teach others around him the value of being present and visible in each others lives. As the sun set over the Bronx, he knew the real magic wasn’t being invisible, but in being part of a neighborhood that sees and appreciates others for who they are. Anton’s grand adventure reminded us all that the greatest joy comes from being seen, and loved for our true selves. The end. #shortwavestories #childrenstorytime #thebronx #story #radio #podcast Please visit our site and subscribe to support our work. Thanks you! all rights reserved ©2024 studdiojijiji