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jijiji sound design

For Chuggington, we shopped the kitchen aisle at Home Depot.

We took PVC pipe and made a xylophone. We filled our whole studio with all sorts of stuff that we turned into musical instruments. then sampled it all and created on our keyboards something we called the Chuggington Orchestra.

It became the unique sonic signature of the show.

We love foley, going into a room with pails of water, gravel, toys, shoes, sandpaper, all sorts of stuff and performing sound effects live.

And we are passionate about the incredible technology available to us and continue to master and create previously unimaginagiable sound effects, extended deep into the imagination.

Immersive techniques have opened up new frontiers. We've reenergized theater of the mind with our new audio-stories specifically written to unleash these brave new sonic worlds.

Sound design is the secret sauce.

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